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Photo of - Ivanhoe Cheese

Ivanhoe Cheese

As the oldest cheese company of its kind in Canada, Ivanhoe has a reputation for high quality, aged cheddar and specialty cheeses. See for yourself. sliced and wrapped packages of Ivanhoe cheese Visit Ivanhoe

Photo of - Salerno Cheese

Salerno Cheese

Discover Salerno Dairy’s delicious locally-made, fine Italian cheeses, including mozzarella, mascarpone, pecorino, and many more. Visit Salerno

Photo of - Black River Cheese

Black River Cheese

Enjoy the wholesome taste of Black River cheddars, mozzarella, curds and specialty cheeses – all gluten free and Rennet free. Different kinds of Black River cheese cut together with a BRC  Maple Cheddar package  Visit Black River

Photo of - Franco's


Savour a range of international classics, with everything from cheddar and Monterey Jack to bocconcini and ricotta.

Visit Franco's

Photo of - Hewitt’s Goat Cheese

Hewitt’s Goat Cheese

Enjoy the unique flavour profile of Hewitt’s Goat Cheese, made with fresh, pasteurized Canadian goat’s milk Visit Hewitt's