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Photo for - Perfect snacks for a perfect road trip

Perfect snacks for a perfect road trip

By Stacey Stein - With international travel plans on hold, many of us have whiled away the summer exploring local destinations. From day trips to nearby beaches and hikes in provincial parks to weekend cottage respites and extended camping trips, we’ve found many different ways to make the mo

Photo for - Build the perfect summer charcuterie board

Build the perfect summer charcuterie board

By Stacey Stein - With summer in full swing, many of us are happily hosting small gatherings of friends and family in our backyards. Armed with an excuse to prepare food for a slightly larger group, a creatively assembled charcuterie board satisfies the pent-up desire to impress guests. - C

Photo for - Redefining the staycation

Redefining the staycation

By Stacey Stein - As the weather warms up and the days get longer, it’s hard not to think about waylaid summer plans. But just because we have to skip our cross-country road trip or we might have to wait longer to take our kids on their first rollercoaster, we can still recreate fun summer ex

Photo for - Family fun with food

Family fun with food

By Stacey Stein - As we all hunker down at home with our families, this period of uncertainty is about finding the silver linings. We now have an abundance of extra, unexpected time at home with our kids and everyone is searching for new and creative ways to fill the days. Some parents have add

Photo for - Kids in the kitchen: an age-by-age guide

Kids in the kitchen: an age-by-age guide

By Stacey Stein - If you’re thinking which life skills to impart upon your kids, cooking should rank at the top of the list. After all, once kids leave the nest, they’ll need to figure out how to feed themselves several times a day, every single day of their lives. But the ability to nouris

Photo for - Level up your Super Bowl snack game with healthy swaps

Level up your Super Bowl snack game with healthy swaps

By Stacey Stein - With the dawn of a new decade, many of us are more determined than ever to follow through on health and wellness goals, like cutting down on sugary snacks or alcohol. But while we may be diligent about eating healthfully in January, a few weeks later our best intentions often

Photo for - Customize your Christmas celebration

Customize your Christmas celebration

By Stacey Stein - Thoughts of Christmas may evoke images of a traditional sit-down dinner, a giant turkey serving as the centrepiece of the table.  - But there’s no reason you can’t break with tradition while still honouring the holiday, weaving traditional foods into a non-traditi

Photo for - Customize your Thanksgiving dinner

Customize your Thanksgiving dinner

No meat? No gluten? No problem! We have all your guests covered. - By Stacey Stein - If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner, chances are a one-size-fits all meal won’t cut it for all your guests. Whether you have a vegetarian cousin, a gluten-intolerant aunt, or a sibling who’s cut out

Photo for - The stress-free school week

The stress-free school week

By Stacey Stein - With September looming, the carefree days of summer will soon give way to the more structured days of fall. - When contemplating school year routines, thoughts often turn to food. Come late August, you may be asking yourself how you’re going to get your kids fed in the

Photo for - Special eats for your special Canada Day celebration

Special eats for your special Canada Day celebration

By Stacey Stein - Beyond marking our nation’s birthday, the Canada Day long weekend heralds the arrival of cottage season, summer vacation plans, patio dinners and two months where life seems to slow down a little. It’s a weekend brimming with possibility, and that alone is reason to celebr

Photo for - Out-of-the-box grilling ideas

Out-of-the-box grilling ideas

By Stacey Stein By the time the Victoria Day long weekend rolls around, summer is in the air – the days are longer, kids are outside riding their bikes, and patios are filled with people enjoying their meals al fresco. - The warmer weather also makes this a popular time to host an outdoor

Photo for - A stress-free Easter feast

A stress-free Easter feast

By Stacey Stein The thought of the impending Easter holiday may fill you with great excitement and anticipation – it’s a chance to enjoy a communal meal and swap funny stories with loved ones. But if you’ve signed up for hosting duties, you might also worry about how you’re going to pull

Photo for - Banish mealtime battles: five strategies

Banish mealtime battles: five strategies

By Stacey Stein   It’s a scene that plays out every night at dinner tables across the nation. You present your children with a meal that you slaved over, only to be met with their emphatic refusal to take a single bite. If this sounds familiar, take comfort in the fact that you’re not

Photo for - Five realistic goals for a healthier 2019

Five realistic goals for a healthier 2019

By Stacey Stein   If you’re like many people, chances are “be healthier” – or some variation of this – is at the top of your list of resolutions for the New Year. And you no doubt sincerely want to make a change in 2019 – maybe you’ve even purchased a gym membership or inves

Photo for - How to reinvent your Christmas leftovers

How to reinvent your Christmas leftovers

By Stacey Stein   With the holidays on the not-too-distant horizon, food tends to dominate much of our thoughts at this time of year. But while we may spend a lot of time ruminating over what dishes to make for our Christmas dinner, it’s also important to think about what we’ll do with al

Photo for - A Cheesy Thanksgiving

A Cheesy Thanksgiving

Spruce up your festive meal with a well-loved comfort food   By Stacey Stein   A typical Thanksgiving feast is usually filled with comfort foods like mashed potatoes, stuffing and turkey. This makes it the perfect holiday for including another popular comfort food: cheese. “Ch

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