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Employee Testimonials

Photo of - Jamie Malecki

Jamie Malecki

Service Assistant, Orbitor

Jamie Malecki - Service Assistant, Orbitor

I like working at Gay Lea because fellow staff have been very good to me since I started. My role as a Service Assistant at the Orbitor head office location includes warehouse cleaning and maintenance, lawn-mowing, garden weeding, assisting the Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable teams by computer-scanning paperwork into PDF copies, as well as snow shovelling in winter. I also like to assist in sending replies and coupons to consumers who have sent in concerns or questions. Most importantly to me, everyone is pleased with my efforts and I enjoy interesting conversations I can weigh in on here and there. I am most grateful to be part of this occupational experience.

Photo of - Cecilia Pizarro

Cecilia Pizarro

Quality Assurance Manager, Ivanhoe & Stirling

Cecilia Pizarro - Quality Assurance Manager, Ivanhoe & Stirling

Gay Lea Foods is an inspiration that motivates and brings excitement to my days. It is the ideal environment to grow, contribute and celebrate our professional and human relationships based in good values and ethics. I am committed and grateful to proudly represent this great family.

Photo of - Afzal Patel

Afzal Patel

Shipper/Receiver, Hamilton

Afzal Patel - Shipper/Receiver, Hamilton

I have worked in our Hamilton site for 24 years and have grown in my skills through training and new job opportunities. What I value most is that I feel Gay Lea gives me the room to have balance in life and work.