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Cottage cheese re-invented

By Stacey Stein

An uneven, lumpy texture is what first comes to mind when most people think of cottage cheese. But Gay Lea’s latest offering is velvety smooth, giving the dairy product broader appeal.

“There’s nothing like this – it’s the first of its kind,” says registered dietitian Shannon Crocker. “It’s highly innovative and it has all the health benefits of cottage cheese without the lumpy texture.

Packed with protein and high in calcium, Nordica Smooth cottage cheese is nutrient-rich, with the added benefit of being low in fat and sodium.

“It’s higher in calcium and protein than an equivalent serving size of Greek yogurt,” says Crocker, adding that the single-serving portion size also means it’s low in calories.

Nordica Smooth, which comes in vanilla bean and salted caramel flavours, is also very versatile. Here are just a few of the many different ways you can use this delicious new product:

For breakfast:

  • Try stirring Nordica Smooth cottage cheese into your pancake, scone or muffin batter.
  • Use it as filling for a breakfast crepe. Scoop some into a whole wheat crepe or whole grain wrap and then top this off with berries.
  • Use it in a breakfast bowl – sprinkle Nordica Smooth with some toasted oats, hemp hearts, and fresh berries, along with some nuts or seeds.
  • Make overnight oats by mixing Nordica Smooth with a quarter cup of oats, about half a cup of milk and a teaspoon of chia seeds. Let this sit in the fridge overnight. In the morning, top off your concoction with your favourite toppings.

As a snack:

  • Bump up the protein in your morning smoothie by mixing in some Nordica Smooth. You can try smooth cottage cheese in a mango smoothie or this apple and kale smoothie.
  • Skip the fat in regular pudding and instead try making a cottage cheese pudding by mixing Nordica Smooth vanilla bean or salted caramel with a quarter cup of milk and a tablespoon of chia seeds. Let the pudding sit in the fridge for at least four hours. Once it’s ready, top it off with berries or chopped peaches. Crocker also recommends sprinkling some granola on top.
  • For a simple but healthy and protein-packed snack, spread some salted caramel Nordica Smooth on apple slices, or use it as a fruit dip.
  • Here’s a unique snack idea: spread some peanut butter on a whole grain cracker, then add a dollop of Nordica Smooth salted caramel and top off your creation with a slice of apple. Or slather some Nordica Smooth vanilla bean on top of a whole grain cracker, then add a raspberry and a sprinkling of lemon zest.

As dessert:

  • Two words: dessert pizza! Replace the whipped cream and sour cream with Nordica Smooth (either vanilla bean or salted caramel), spreading the cottage cheese all over the pizza dough. Top this off with fresh fruit and a drizzle of chocolate hazelnut spread. “This will satisfy your sweet tooth while also giving you nutrients,” says Crocker.
  • For a fun, unique dessert, try making cheesecake in a jar. Simply crumble a graham cracker into a small mason jar, spoon in some Nordica Smooth, then top off your creation with fresh berries and dessert is ready!
  • Sometimes simple is best: grab a spoon and just enjoy Nordica Smooth cottage cheese as is. The convenient single serving size makes it a great addition to a kid’s lunchbox or an easy grab and go snack for the office.

The final word

Crocker urges both fans of cottage cheese and those who aren’t as enamoured with the product to try Nordica Smooth.

“This is another way for cottage cheese lovers to enjoy the product, and for people who don’t like cottage cheese, give it a taste. All you have to do is try it and you’ll fall in love,” she says.

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