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Lighten up your menus

Cottage cheese, a staple on the plates of many healthy menus, is also a versatile ingredient to lighten up snacks, salads, dips, dressings, casseroles, and baked goods.

Reduce fat and calories with delicious, low fat Nordica® Cottage Cheese in fat free, 1% or 2% varieties. Nordica® Cottage Cheese provides great nutritional value to your clients and patients. Each ½ cup Fat Free Nordica® Cottage Cheese boasts:

  • 14 grams of protein (double what is found in the same amount of yogurt)
  • 60% of the daily value for vitamin D
  • ZERO grams of fat
  • Only 90 calories

Check out some of the ways Nordica® Cottage Cheese can lighten up your menus:

Blend it!

Blended low fat Nordica® Cottage Cheese can be used in place of sour cream, yogurt and cream cheese in a variety of menu items; it adds more protein to your recipes without adding a lot of fat or calories, making for health conscious meals.

  • Tasty Veggie Dips: if you offer veggies and dip on your menu, reduce the fat by using blended low fat cottage cheese mixed with:
    • a sprinkle of blue cheese – great for celery and carrot sticks
    • low fat roasted red pepper dip – a tangy choice for your veggies
    • salsa – serve with veggies or baked tortilla chips

Check out this refreshing recipe for Cilantro Lime Dip. Make it even healthier with Gay Lea low fat sour cream and Nordica® Fat Free Cottage Cheese – and skip the salt.

  • Luscious Pasta Dishes — replace cream or cream cheese with blended low fat cottage cheese in pasta dishes like Fettuccini Alfredo recipe.
  • Power Packed Smoothies: for patients who need extra protein in their snacks, add cottage cheese to smoothies instead of yogurt. Just blend with fresh or frozen fruit, milk and a little honey for a hint of sweet.
  • Delicious Desserts: Dessert can still be divine with a little less fat; for example, cottage cheese blended with vanilla and brown sugar, topped with berries makes for a simple sweet treat. Try Nordica’s Lemon Cottage No Bake Dessert, a no bake cheesecake that has a light texture and delicate lemon flavour.

Spread it!

Looking for a healthier spread for bagels, crackers, and breads? Spread on thick blended Nordica® Cottage Cheese. To make a thick spread, just drain*, blend and season any way you like. Try garlic and green onions or brown sugar and cinnamon. *drain Nordica® Cottage Cheese in a sieve, press with a spatula or wooden spoon until most of the liquid is released. Discard liquid. Blend until smooth.

Top It!

Top up your salad bar with low fat Nordica® Cottage Cheese to be enjoyed on salads, baked potatoes sprinkled with chives, or fresh fruit. Check out the salad toppers that are sure to liven up any light salad:

Whatever way you scoop it, low fat Nordica® Cottage Cheese helps make your menu nutritious, delicious and light!

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