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The NEW Healthy – Personalized Nutrition.

Just as consumers have pushed for customization in foodservice, choosing everything from bowl formats to burritos to the ingredients that go into each of those, consumers are now looking to custom diets that fit their individual lifestyle.  And just to drive home how vital food is to overall health, keep in mind that 9 out of 10 consumers say their diet increases their well-being (playing more of a role than finances and relationships).

Create Your Own

Many Foodservice Operators have made it easier for guests to customize their dishes.  I’m sure you’ve seen menus with this type of offering: pick your protein, pasta, sauce and then select your cheese.  It puts the power to choose in the hands of the guests, while managing your kitchen more effectively on the back end.

Changing Consumer Tastes

Yes, plant-based seems to be exploding of late so we dug a little deeper on this subject to see where Diners mind sets are at.  Nearly 40% say they’re eating less red meat than they were a year ago.  49% say they’re eating more vegetables.  Operators who are jumping on the plant-based trend should be aware that consumers aren’t really interested in giving up meat completely (64% are not interested in becoming vegetarians).  Source:  Datassential

Protein Power

Cheeses and Dairy items are fantastic ways to add texture, taste and protein-packed goodness into all sections of your Menu.  Boutique Cheeses are also a way to dress up plant-based items and command a premium price!

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