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Little Bites, Huge Hit!

How often do your customers pass up on dessert offerings when asked “would you care to see our dessert menu”? Much as they would like to finish off their wonderful meal with sweet treat, more often than not they take a pass. They just don’t have room for that big slab of double-chocolate layer cake or decadent wedge of yummy cheesecake!

Mini desserts offer a quick and easy solution at the end of the meal when guests are debating “should I or shouldn’t I”, they’re certain to be a huge hit for several reasons.  The “less is more” approach is seeing great success with bite-sized desserts, as mini versions typically outsell their full-sized counterparts. These smaller desserts, allow customers to satisfy their sweet cravings, while promoting portion control and preventing over indulgence after a filling meal.

Several different mini bites offered as a shareable plate, provide guests the opportunity to share with a friend. This allows them to explore and sample and assortment of different desserts than what they may typically order, without taking too much risk on a larger portion.

As an added bonus, some restaurants are finding that mini desserts have an incremental effect on sales, as a customer who orders a bite-sized dessert is more likely to also order an after-dinner beverage to accompany it. How sweet is that!

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