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Hail to Halloumi

Halloumi cheese is making its way up the list of popular food trends and with good reason!

Known for its robust texture and savoury flavour, it’s high melting point makes it perfect for grilling or pan frying without loosing its shape. Pleasantly crisp and savoury on the outside, deliciously melted on the inside it’s a taste experience you really have to experience to appreciate. Fee of rennet, it’s a great option for your vegetarian menu offerings!

Salerno Halloumi Cheese is crafted in the traditional method resulting in a cheese reminiscent of cheese found in the Mediterranean. A soft unripened brine cheese with a chewy, smooth consistency and a very mild, slightly salty flavour.


Take this delicious cheese to the next level with these great recipes!

Fattoush with Grilled Halloumi and Lemon Caper Dressing.

Pineapple Caesar Pitcher with Grilled Halloumi

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