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Customers Craving Customization

Today’s empowered customers have increasingly high expectations for customization. They’re wanting more control over their food purchases than ever before.  This trend is rapidly reshaping the foodservice industry.


Whether the driving force for this trend is the importance of diet, food allergies or the desire to express their individualism, patrons are looking for menu items that are fresh, creative and made just for them.


Choosy millennials are leading the way by placing a growing importance on variety and customization. More than a third of millennials order something different every time they visit a restaurant.

What better way to entice them to your restaurant than to offer a mix-and-match or shareable dining experience where they can enjoy something different every time!


Although customers are looking for items that can be customized as well as shared, flavour is still paramount. Offerings that are globally inspired and feature interesting flavours are sure to be a hit!


Ivanhoe Con Queso Cheese Sauce makes it easy to create shareable menu offerings. Perfect as a side dip, or topping.


Salerno Cherry Bocconcini Cheese  – perfect little bites to add to antipasto plates, appetizer samplers or skewer with cherry tomatoes or marinated grilled veggies and serve on a bed of greens.

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