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Quick breakfasts to fuel back to school

By Shannon Crocker RD @shancrockerRD

If you ask just about any teacher, they’ll say they can tell when a student hasn’t eaten breakfast. That’s because children who fuel their bodies and minds with a good breakfast tend to be more alert and able to pay attention in class.

Hectic school mornings don’t always leave a lot of time for sitting down to breakfast. Here are a few tips to help you make a healthy breakfast in a hurry.

1. Make breakfast in advance. It’s easier to eat well when you’ve got healthy choices ready to go. Keep chopped fresh fruit, cheeses and hard-boiled eggs in the fridge and homemade whole grain muffins or pancakes in the freezer.

Try this: Overnight Protein-Packed Muesli

Why this is a smart choice: The complex carbohydrates provided by whole grain oats are the main fuel for your brain. Whole grains also give you a slow release of energy so you don’t have spikes in blood sugar followed by a quick crash.

2. Keep it simple with cereal. Talk about quick and easy! Go for whole grain or high fibre (e.g. bran) choices with little or no added sugars.

Try this: whole grain cereal (e.g. shredded wheat) or bran-based cereals (e.g. raisin bran) topped with a scoop of berries and a handful of nuts or seeds.

Why this is a smart choice: Fibre-filled foods such as whole grain cereal, bran cereal, fruits, nuts and seeds can help to keep you regular, which is especially important for kids who suffer from bouts of constipation.

3. Make it Smooth. A cup of Nordica Smooth Cottage cheese is super convenient – just open and enjoy! Add a piece of fruit and you’ve got a great grab-and-go breakfast.

Try this: layer Nordica Vanilla Smooth Cottage Cheese with sliced bananas and defrosted frozen cherries for a good-for-you breakfast banana split.

Why this is a smart choice: Protein-packed foods, such as cottage cheese, cheese, nuts, nut butters, seeds and eggs, offer long-lasting fuel. Adding foods with protein (and fibre too!) to breakfast can help keep kids energized so they can pay attention at school (it’s hard to stay focused when your tummy is growling).

One final tip…breakfast isn’t just for kids. A healthy breakfast can also help parents stay alert and energized at work. So go ahead and grab a seat at the breakfast table beside your child this school year!

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