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From Rural Quebec, with Love

Guy Vallières called Shine Through the Rain Foundation on a particularly difficult day in his life. He had been diagnosed with a painful cancer earlier in the year and as the stress of his diagnosis and financial troubles mounted, it became too much to bear. Guy called to find out what, if anything, Shine Through the Rain could do to help him. He was behind on his utility bills, had rent that was past due, anxieties about the coming treatment methods, and no one to turn to for answers. His social worker was on summer break and he had no resources to help alleviate some of these stresses.

A strong man who had worked hard his entire life to best prepare himself for his senior years, Guy had an immensely difficult time grasping his newfound need for help, and many times shared that he was no longer able to keep it all to himself. With some time, care, and the help of Shine Through the Rain Foundation’s funding from the Gay Lea Foundation, this patient received the emergency financial assistance for shelter he desperately needed.

When Guy was approved for assistance, he called Shine Through the Rain to thank them for their help and kindness. He was overwhelmed that the Gay Lea Foundation made this possible and explains, “this funding has helped me more than words can say. I am so grateful for all that you and the Gay Lea Foundation have done. I will never be able to express how much I appreciate this help.”

Patients like Guy living in rural Canada are benefiting from the Gay Lea Foundation’s 2019 donation to Shine Through the Rain’s Rural Rainy Day Grocery & Shelter Program, which helps rural patients remain in their homes and eat the nutritious meals they need, when diagnosed with life-threatening illness.

The program is crucial for patients living in rural Canada, who incur additional costs to travel great distances for medical appointments, specialists and treating hospitals. Unfortunately for many patients, choices must be made between paying rent, utilities and groceries, OR paying for expensive medical trips, medication and assistive devices not covered by provincial health insurance plans and private health insurance.

“Thank you, Gay Lea Foundation, for caring for patients like Guy living in rural Canada,” says Laurie Docimo of Shine Through the Rain Foundation. Together, we help alleviate some of the stress patients face in this hectic time.”


About Shine Through the Rain

Shine Through the Rain does many things but all in the service of one goal: to help those who are affected by life-threatening illness. Whether it’s through services or funds, they seek to provide guidance, support, and financial aid to those in need, helping adults, children, and families find the silver lining. Visit

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