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Patrons are much more generous during the holidays!

They are far more inclined to go to restaurants to celebrate with co-workers, friends and family during this festive time. We need to make sure we are taking full advantage of every opportunity to attract customers with fresh ideas.

Here are 4 excellent opportunities to increase your restaurant sales and drive profits:

  • Increases the number of new customers
  • Increase the frequency of existing customers
  • Increase spend per occasion
  • Increase table turns

Here are some simple holiday inspired suggestions to help get you started!

Bring in new customers:

  • Start advertising your holiday offers early and often
  • Pass out flyers or menus in front of near-by buildings and stores to attract hungry shoppers
  • Send samples and catering menus to nearby offices or places of business inviting them to try your establishment for their holiday parties
  • Consider targeted ads on social media, be sure to add links to your on-line booking portal

Give your customers a reason to come back:

  • Introduce a limited time seasonal menu
  • Create a recurring, yet changing theme over the weeks leading up to the holidays
  • Promote the sale of your gift cards during the holiday season
  • Offer a discount card for the purchaser to use during the month of January

Increase customer’s cheque average per occasion:

  • Specialty holiday themed beverages like hot chocolate, coffees and spiced teas, are perfect add-ons to any order
  • Remind your waitstaff to upsell, holidays are the perfect time to encourage shareable appetizer platters and decadent desserts
  • This is also a great time to run a waitstaff challenge to encourage a push on these menu items, everyone can use a little extra to help out with holiday shopping

Increase table turns:

  • Make sure your establishment is properly staffed and trained, higher traffic means efficient staffing
  • Make sure you utilize catering and party space properly to take advantage of table availability during the busiest times

As the holiday season is right around the corner, we need to take full advantage of all the seasonal opportunities available. Planning now allows you to get ahead and increase your establishments revenue this holiday season!

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