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Don’t Fall Into A Menu Rut!

The success of any restaurant is its menu. While an awesome location, a cool name, or eclectic décor may be a great hook to attract new customers, it’s the food that keeps them coming back!

As the glorious glow of summer begins to fade and temperatures start to dip, patrons desire for heartier menu offerings begin to rise. This is a good opportunity to unveil some new mouthwatering fall features.

Lighter summer fare, such as cold soups, fresco salads and grilled meats give way to hearty pastas, stews, pot pies and roasted meats. This doesn’t mean we need to revamp every item on the menu, however, a few new selections each season will surely be appreciated by your patrons.

Words matter…

As you update your fall menu offerings, pay close attention to the descriptors used in your menu copy.

Taste expectations influence our evaluation. We are influenced by subconscious cues. By simply reading words such as “juicy”, “velvety” sends a signal to our brains that subconsciously activate our salivary glands preparing us for something delicious!

Research found that descriptive labels on menus can increase sales by as much as 30% and menu items were ordered 27% more often!  Also reported that patrons who read these descriptions felt more satisfied with their meals than those who read simple descriptions.

Some great “food for thought”!

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