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Goodness of Goat Cheese

Gay Lea Foods Goat Cheeses are always made with 100% Canadian Goat Milk. With its tangy taste and unique texture, goat cheese has earned a reputation as being one of the healthiest cheese choices.

Naturally lower in lactose, it provides healthy fats and is easier to digest than cow’s milk providing a wholesome alternative for customers who are sensitive to cow’s milk or lactose intolerant.

Like other cheese varieties, goat cheese is available in different types and textures.

Ivanhoe Cheese brand offers a full selection of goat cheddars featuring a unique flavour profile with a firm texture.

Hewitt’s Goat’s Milk cheese is a soft unripened cheese with a unique flavour profile, soft and fresh on the palate. Conveniently available in logs, crumble and curds.

Goat cheese can be added to both sweet and savoury dishes to enhance flavour and texture.

It offers a wide variety of uses and provides a delicious addition to many recipes.

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