Gay Lea Foods Confident in Canadian Dairy Industry

Canada has world class milk that Gay Lea Foods Co-operative Ltd processes into innovative, delicious dairy products here at home in Ontario.  Gay Lea Foods proudly supplies Canadians with wholesome, safe dairy products, made locally‎.  
We are committed to growing a strong, vibrant and modern Canadian dairy industry with the successful supply management system.    
As the Government of Canada moves forward with ratification and implementation of CETA and TPP, we are prepared to work with them and industry partners on the necessary tools, policies and investments including the Processor Modernization Program that will enable the Canadian dairy industry to modernize and increase competitiveness to grow in various markets.
At Gay Lea Foods we plan to continue being an economic driver through innovation, research and product development while supporting the Canadian dairy industry as a competitive and world class dairy processor.
Who We Are
In 1958 a group of farmers came together with a common vision – to better the lives of Ontario farming families and co-operatives. Gay Lea Foods has grown to become a leader in the Canadian dairy industry as the largest dairy co-operative in Ontario, by focusing on product innovation and strong customer relationships.  Gay Lea Foods is 100% Canadian owned and operated, with 1200 dairy farmer owners who produce 35% of Ontario’s milk, and more than 3800 members.  Gay Lea Foods is driven by innovation and growing the market for Canadian milk. Our products include the consumer favourite Spreadables; the recently launched North America’s first Smooth Cottage Cheese; and this fall we are introducing another innovative snack made with 100% cheese, Nothing But Cheese.  

Gay Lea From the Farm

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The Gay Lea Story

Our story began in 1958 when a group of farmers came together with a common vision – to better the lives of Ontario farmers. Here’s how we have kept our heritage as the second largest dairy co-operative in Canada.

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