And now for something lighter

Ready to reduce fat in some of your favourite creamy recipes? Enter cottage cheese - a great way to lighten up all sorts of snacks, salads, dips, dressings, casseroles, and baking without sacrificing taste.

Blend it!

Blended low fat Nordica® Cottage Cheese can be used in place of sour cream, yogurt and cream cheese; it adds more protein and keeps the fat and calories low with the added bonus of vitamin D (which you don't get from sour cream, cream cheese or most yogurts).

  • Tasty Veggie Dips:

Dipping your veggies in high fat, creamy dips can take healthy down a notch. Reduce the fat in your veggie dips using blended low fat Nordica® Cottage Cheese mixed with:

    • a sprinkle of blue cheese - great for celery and carrot sticks.
    • low fat roasted red pepper dip - a tangy choice for your veggies
    • salsa - serve with veggies or baked tortilla chips

Make it even healthier with Gay Lea low fat sour cream and Nordica® Fat Free Cottage Cheese - and skip the salt.

  • Luscious Pasta Dishes:

Replace cream or cream cheese with blended Nordica® Cottage Cheese in your favourite pasta dishes like Fettuccini Alfredo recipe. A quick online recipe search will give you loads of recipes to choose from.

  • Power Packed Smoothies:

Replace the yogurt in your smoothie with cottage cheese. Each ½ cup of Nordica® Fat Free Cottage Cheese adds 16 grams of protein (that's double what you'd get from the same amount of plain yogurt). Just whirl together frozen fruit with cottage cheese and milk. Try this super smoothie: blend 1 ripe banana, ½ cup frozen strawberries, ½ cup Nordica® Fat Free Cottage Cheese, ½ cup of skim milk and a drizzle of honey.

  • Delicious Desserts:

Dessert can still be divine with a little less fat; try these lightened up recipes - but remember, they are still a treat, so enjoy a small portion.
Spread it!

That weekend bagel with cream cheese is loaded with fat and calories. Instead, spread on thick blended Nordica® Cottage Cheese. To make a thick spread, just drain*, blend and season any way you like. Try garlic and green onions or brown sugar and cinnamon.

* drain Nordica® Cottage Cheese in a sieve, press with a spatula or wooden spoon until most of the liquid is released. Discard liquid. Blend until smooth.

Top It!

Top up your healthy meals with low fat Nordica® Cottage Cheese in place of higher fat sour cream and cheeses. Enjoy on top of:

  • baked potatoes sprinkled with chives
  • taco salad instead of sour cream
  • omelets - replace higher fat cheddar but still get that cheesy goodness
  • open faced sandwiches - try toasted multi-grain bread, topped with Nordica® Cottage Cheese, a sliver of fresh basil, sliced tomato and fresh ground pepper - heat under the broiler until cottage cheese is warm.

Whatever way you scoop it, low fat Nordica® Cottage Cheese helps make your dishes nutritious, delicious and light

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