Fuel Your Active Body

photo of  photo of Nordica 1%Ready to reduce fat in some of your favourite creamy recipes? Enter cottage cheese - a great way to lighten up all sorts of snacks, salads, dips, dressings, casseroles, and baking without sacrificing taste.

Along with fluids, nutritious snacks like fresh fruit, a small homemade muffin or a simple sandwich enjoyed one to two hours before your workout can help you blast through your activity.

Post Workout Power

Don't even think about skipping that post workout snack! What you eat and drink after activity can make a big difference to how well your muscles recover and get ready for your next workout. Your body needs liquids to replace fluid lost in sweating, along with carbohydrates and protein to refuel and repair your muscles.

Research shows that high quality protein (like the protein found in cottage cheese), along with some carbohydrates, eaten right after your workout can help you repair and build better muscles. Feed your muscles well and they will respond better next time you call on them!

Super Sports Snack

For a super sports snack, grab a Nordica® Single Serve Cottage Cheese. Along with carbohydrates, it's packed with protein to boost your body's recovery. Each single serve cup packs 12-14 grams of protein

What could be more simple? Just toss one into your sports bag along with a bottle of water (and a cooler pack of course!) and enjoy. It's S-portable!

Try one of these tasty sport snacks using Nordica® Single Serves:

  • Crunch it! Sprinkle some whole grain granola and walnuts on top of a Nordica Single Serve for a crunchy, satisfying snack.
  • Slurp it! Whirl together a banana, a Nordica® Single Serve and some OJ for a delicious, nutritious sport smoothie.
  • Spoon it! Enjoy a Nordica® Single Serve topped with a big spoonful of fresh blueberries — antioxidants plus!

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