Healthy Choices for Healthy Weights

Remember the good ole' Diet Plate Special? The scoop of cottage cheese on a lettuce leaf beside the canned peach half has been a Diner's menu staple for years. Is there something to that 'dieter's delight'?


Turns out those Diners had it right! Research shows that including higher protein foods (like cottage cheese) with meals and snacks can help you feel full, longer and may actually help you eat less. And that means that you can manage the munchies during the day! Including protein-rich foods while losing weight also helps keep your lean muscles strong while your body burns fat.

Dieter's Delight!

Nordica®Single Serve Cottage Cheese is packed with protein AND low in fat, the perfect combo for your waistline!

  • Only 90 calories in the plain and less than 120 in the fruit flavours!
  • A powerful 12-14 grams of protein in each serving!
  • Only 1 Gram of Fat

Each Nordica®Single Serve Cottage Cheese provides between 10 to 15 percent of the Daily Value for calcium. Good for your bones and your belt!

A Tasty Portion

Portion control is key to the success of any weight loss plan. Nordica®Single Serve makes it easy for you! With scrumptious flavours like Orchard Fruit and Tropical Fruit, it's a delicious treat for your taste buds without breaking your calorie bank.

Prefer savoury treats? Add a little zip to your Nordica®Single Serve Plain Cottage Cheese with a sprinkling of:


  • sundried tomato and fresh basil
  • green onion and roasted red pepper
  • fresh ground pepper and chopped black olives

No matter how you spoon it, Nordica®Single Serve Cottage Cheese is a healthy, weight-wise choice for your meals and snacks.

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