Resolve to Cook Fresh!

By Shannon Crocker RD

January is the perfect time to kick-start new (realistic!) health habits. One of the best things you can resolve to do this year is to eat out less and cook more meals at home. I’m actually not a big fan of resolutions – they often get broken – but I can really support this one.

Cooking meals ‘from scratch’ means you’ll be getting more foods you need for good health, like vegetables and fruit.  And eating more family meals at home is shown to be good for kids too with benefits like healthier weights and better social adjustment. Plus, cooking at home will save you money.

Busy schedules can sometimes get in the way of cooking at home. Having a simple meal plan – and sticking to it – can really help you stick with this resolution. Even planning just a few days helps reduce meal stress – it’s easier to get dinner started when you know what you’re cooking in advance.

I recommend quick-to-make meals on weekdays, like this tasty recipe for Sizzling Mexican Fajitas. I serve it with fresh salsa, guacamole, a bit of sour cream and lots of extra veggie toppings such as shredded romaine, grated carrot and chopped tomatoes. My kids love this meal because they can create their own fajitas with toppings they like. I love it because it’s easy, nutritious and leftovers make a super salad for lunch the next day.

Good Food Tip: Lighten up your guacamole (and make it go a little farther) by adding chopped cherry tomatoes and green onion along with a couple spoonfuls of sour cream. 

Enjoying delicious meals like this makes keeping resolutions that much easier!

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