Cottage Cheese Quickly Becoming New Trend Food

cottage cheese protein High protein is only one reason for superfood's popularity.

By Stacey Stein

Tired of wolfing down sandwiches five days a week at work, Allison Denver was searching for a healthy lunch alternative when a moment of inspiration struck the busy professional -- cottage cheese slathered on Melba toast.

It quickly became her new lunchtime staple.

“I really needed something different,” says the 36-year-old social worker. “That started my love affair with cottage cheese, and – bonus – I saved time making lunch in the morning.”

Denver also loved that cottage cheese helped her sneak some protein into her diet. At 15 grams per ½ cup serving, cottage cheese is a protein powerhouse. The same serving size of Greek yogourt, for example, contains only nine grams of protein.

“It’s one of the highest sources of protein when it comes to dairy products,” says Shannon Crocker, a registered dietitian based in Ancaster, Ont.
Crocker adds that cottage cheese is also low in calories and fat. Since it’s rich in protein, she says “it can help keep hunger in check, which is important when you’re managing a healthy weight.”

Nordica cottage cheese is also high in calcium and vitamin D – for both, it contains 15 percent of the recommended daily intake. “Both nutrients are vital to bone health,” Crocker explains.

Chock full of health-boosting benefits and bursting with endless possibilities, it’s no wonder that cottage cheese is a regular mealtime fixture for many families.

Ruth Waldman, 41, says cottage cheese is one of the few things her picky 21-month-old son will eat.
“It’s a good source of protein without added sugar and it’s plain tasting – not too tart like plain Greek yogourt,” says the teacher and mom of two.
Waldman throws cottage cheese in the blender along with homemade fruit purees, bananas, frozen berries and even baby spinach. “It blends up nicely and takes on the taste of whatever else I put in there,” she says.

Like Waldman, many people are finding innovative and sometimes unexpected ways to incorporate cottage cheese into their diets.
“Cottage cheese muffins – Yum!” enthuses Erin Yuffe, a mom of two. Cottage cheese with noodles is another family favourite. “I also make many other recipes with it,” she says, adding that she loves how easy it is to use.

In fact, cottage cheese is so versatile; you can eat it as an appetizer, snack, for breakfast, as part of a main meal or even for dessert. How so? Here are a handful of ideas shared by people who love cottage cheese:

•    Add it to smoothies for a creamy texture and an extra punch of protein. Cottage cheese goes well with anything, so experiment with different fruits and veggies.
•    Breakfast idea: cottage cheese pancakes!
•    Cottage cheese quiche: just mix it with eggs, spinach, onions, add some shredded cheese on top, and bake for an hour - voila!
•    Satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping the guilt at bay: mix your favourite chopped fruit into a bowl of cottage cheese for a tasty and healthy dessert. For some crunch, top with your favourite nuts.
•    Pasta for dinner? Just mix some cottage cheese into your tomato sauce to make it creamy and that much more delicious.
•    Love cheesecake? Swap the cream cheese for some cottage cheese and add loads of protein to your dessert.
•    Sometimes simple is best: just grab a spoon and enjoy your cottage cheese as is. Pure bliss.

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