Photo of various peopleAzara, like most women in the Eastern Corridor of Ghana’s Northern Region, was illiterate, dependent on her husband for money, and had no prospect for income. When her husband left the country for a few years, she had a room to live in with her four year old son, Haq; a small amount of money that would last about a month; and a very small, debt-ridden store. As Azaea was not a native from Salaga, she had few connections and no family to turn to. She was forced to beg money from her neighbors.

Photo of various peopleAzara met the Senior Loans Officer from the Salaga Satellite Credit Union who introduced the idea of micro-finance. She was thrilled to have the opportunity to borrow money to invest in business ideas, and to have the support and training from CDF’s partner in Ghana, the Social Enterprise Development Fund (SEND).

Photo of various peopleAzara took over the store with great passion, stocking it full of popular items, and even embarking on selling the lucrative, and rare, iced-milk.After a few months of successfully paying back the loan with increased profits she was making at the store, she was confident in her ability to continue sending Haq to private school. She also began telling neighbors that she was no longer dependent on her husband, and that when he returned, he would see that she had become a strong woman standing on her own two feet.

Photo of various people

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Mobeen Khalid

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"I joined the Gay Lea team looking for an opportunity to challenge myself in a rewarding environment and to further grow my skill set. What I experienced since then has been more than just an opportunity; it has given me a sense of family. The family and friendship within Gay Lea far surpasses any other reward."

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