Toxic Reduction Plan

Download PDF documents outlining the Gay Lea Toxic Substance Reduction Plan

Toxic Reduction Act Certification Statement - Clayson Nitric (PDF - 52 KB)

Toxic Reduction Act Certification Statement - Guelph Nitric (PDF - 56 KB)

Toxic Reduction Act Certification Statement - Longlife Nitric (PDF - 52 KB)

Toxic Reduction Act Certification Statement - Guelph Sulphuric (PDF - 56 KB)

Nitric Plan Summary (2013-2014) (PDF - 340 KB)

Sulphuric Plan Summary (2013-2014) (PDF - 320 KB)

Plan Summary (PDF - 322 KB)

Plan Summary (PDF 327 KB)

Environmental Sustainability Report

Chart showing Gay Lea Foods Environmental Sustainability Principles

"Gay Lea Foods is committed to protecting the environment and natural resources. We believe that our greatest asset is our people, and each change, no matter how small, can make a difference."


  Henry Grbac
  Director of Occupational Health, Safety,
  Environment & Sustainability.

  Gay Lea Foods Co-operative Ltd.
  180 Ormont Drive
  Weston, ON, M9L 1N7
  dir 416-401-3309, fax 416-742-6947


Click here for the 2008 Environmental Sustainability Report

Click here for the 2009 Environmental Sustainability Report

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Mobeen Khalid

Process Excellence Lead

"I joined the Gay Lea team looking for an opportunity to challenge myself in a rewarding environment and to further grow my skill set. What I experienced since then has been more than just an opportunity; it has given me a sense of family. The family and friendship within Gay Lea far surpasses any other reward."

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