Fueling Active Individuals

Encouraging consumers to choose the right fuel for activity can translate into performance benefits — even for the recreationally active.

Post Workout Power

Although focus tends to be on pre-workout food choices, food and drink consumed after activity can also make a big difference, both to muscle repair and readiness for the next workout. Post-exercise snacks should emphasize liquids to replace fluid lost in sweating, carbohydrates to refuel stores and protein to build and repair muscles.

When it comes to eating protein after a workout, timing is important. Research shows that high quality protein (like the protein found in milk products) eaten right away, or up to one to two hours after resistance exercise, improves protein synthesis and may enhance muscle mass and strength during regular training.1,2

Consuming some carbohydrates (e.g. chocolate syrup in milk or fruit bottom found in cottage cheese) along with the protein can promote protein synthesis even more.3,4

Super Sports Snack

Nordica® Single Serve Cottage Cheese makes an ideal sports snack for active Canadians looking to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Along with carbohydrates, it's packed with protein to enhance muscle recovery. Each single serve cup provides 11 grams of protein — that's double what you'd find in two eggs or a yogurt!

In addition, because it is low in fat and calories, Nordica® Single Serve Cottage Cheese makes sense for your health conscious, active clients who are looking to achieve or maintain a healthy weight.

Encourage your active clients to choose nutritious and delicious Nordica® Single Serve Cottage Cheese from the menu at the gym, the recreation facility, or the community centre.

Bone Building Bonus

Physical activity, combined with a healthy diet including foods that provide calcium, vitamin D and other bone building nutrients, can build better bones. Nordica® Single Serve Cottage Cheese provides a good source of calcium. In addition, Nordica® Single Serve Fat Free Cottage Cheese is an excellent source of Vitamin D with 45% of the Daily Value. That's all good news for your active clients — and their bones!


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