Mary Ann Doré

Mary Ann Doré

Life as a New Mom on the Farm

Happy Mother's Day from new mom Mary Ann Doré, a seventh generation dairy farmer. Don’t miss this heart warming account of being a new mom on the farm, and what it means for both her and baby.

This year will be my first Mothers Day. August 17th, 2012 our little Nadine was born, and I’m still getting used to the title ‘Mom’.

Having grown up on a dairy farm, mothering comes naturally to me. It is my job and life’s work to nurture and care for all of the cows. Having to miss out on a party, or a much-anticipated event because of Nadine’s needs is accepted easily because I have been doing this for years for the cows. The needs of others come first to Moms.

That being said, I’d like to thank my mom Frances. Watching her find the balance between family and the farm has helped me with my own family. It was great growing up on a farm, having so much freedom while still learning that a hard work ethic is needed to care for our animals.

What I love best about being a mom on the farm is that we can spend all day together as a family. My maternity leave at the farm lasted all of 4 days; a full day didn’t go by once home from the hospital before we bundled up and went to help with chores. My cousin gave me a wrap that she used with her babies, and Nadine slept better bundled close to me while I was raking and shoveling in the barn, than if I was in the glider at the house.

While my mom jokes about how silly I’m going to look with her strapped to me when she’s 8 years old, I love having Nadine in the ‘backpack‘ with me doing chores. I can help my husband Joe and brother Graham get chores done faster and I get the ultimate snuggle time all wrapped into one. The biggest challenge of being a new mom, for me, is the balance between needing to get farm work done and Nadine wanting my attention. It’s hard to soothe a baby when you have to breed a cow, or work in an open pen with cows.

People often ask if Nadine likes the barn. I just laugh and say ‘she has no choice’. We all make sacrifices so that we can live this wonderful life. Soon enough she will be able to push a broom, show a calf at a fair, and maybe one day take over the family business. Until then, I will watch in wonder as this little creature grows up and learns the great life lesson on the farm: how to be a mother.

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