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Deck The Halls!

Deck The Halls!

‘Tis the season to be jolly! As our patrons point their proverbial sleighs towards their favourite eateries we need to be sure we are ready to welcome all with the best the season has to offer.

Is your establishment ready to take full advantage of all the opportunities the holidays present?

The following suggestions will help to ensure your business lights up this holiday season!


Spread The Word About Your Holiday Party Offerings.

Market to local businesses. Create direct-mail flyers, e-mail outreach and a website landing page that communicates why your restaurant is the best place for holiday parties! Be sure you paint a vivid picture of the wonderful experience companies are going to have when they book at your restaurant.


Spice up your menu with limited-time, seasonal offerings that put a twist on tradition!

Patron’s will enjoy celebrating the season with your holiday appetizers, entrées and desserts. There are a host of popular seasonal holiday ingredients to build your menu around, peppermint, eggnog, gingerbread, cranberry, chestnut and pumpkin spice just to name a few!

Tap into people’s FOMO in a positive way and remind your servers to mention these holiday menu offerings and emphasize the treats that are only available for a limited time!


Make it simple to purchase gift cards to your restaurant.

Gift cards to restaurants are highly desirable any time year, but especially during the holiday season. They are perceived as a more personal gift than gift cards to traditional retail outlets.

Use table tents, your website and other signage to promote your gift cards. Consider offering gift givers a tasty incentive to choose your gift cards with offering the purchaser a special bonus offer to return to your restaurant in January for a discounted entrée.


‘Tis also the season of giving!
Aligning with a local charity is wonderful way to celebrate the season and support the community that supports you! Consider initiating a toy collection drive or food drive. Offer a free appetizer or dessert for customers who participate. Encouraging employees to participate in the charity drive and offering to match their contributions is an excellent way improve team building and help you and your staff feel closer to the community you serve.

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