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Time to consider your “foodprint”

In an effort to minimize the environmental and economical damage of food waste, more and more restaurants are coming up with creative ways to give life to scraps and foods on the brink of spoiling.

The nose-to-tail movement, using every part of an animal or the vegetable version, stem-to-root are just a couple of ways Chefs are reducing their foodprint and reducing waste.

Restaurants are also counteracting waste by reducing portion sizes. Rather than seeing uneaten servings coming back in to the kitchen, by slightly reducing the portion size, guests are cleaning their plates!

Waste of food is an enormous issue from an environmental, economical and social perspective. The fall-out is threefold: food that winds up in landfill produces planet-warming methane gas, it squanders the water, energy and in some cases the animals that went into its production. Plus, it misses an opportunity to feed people who otherwise go hungry.

Whether or not you’re an environmentalist, reducing waste is just a better way to do business!

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