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Cheese Boards, The Perfect Menu Addition Anytime Of Year!

Cheese boards are extremely versatile. They can be offered as an appetizer or as a dessert and when you accompany with sweet or savoury additions they make a very appealing option on any menu!


To prepare the perfect cheese board, be sure to offer a variety of contrasting flavours, colours and textures. An interesting mix of creamy, crumbly, mild, pungent, firm and soft is a great way to start! The addition of some sweet, crunchy and acidic accompaniments will provide a deliciously, delightful contrast. Consider savoury extras such as salted or smoked nuts, marinated olives, grainy brown mustard, hummus, bread sticks and crackers. Sweet additions of fruits like, apple slices, grapes, fresh figs along with dried apricots or dates and a little pot of jam, honey or preserves provide the perfect contrast.


The addition of seasonal ingredients to your cheese board can provide a festive focus. Simple add-ons like, blood orange segments, pear slices or pomegranate seeds provide a wonderful winter twist! Take advantage of what’s fresh no matter what time of year it is.


Offering shareable menu options will also increase customer spend and impulse purchase occasions, as most patrons will order multiple items if they are made for sharing! Cheese boards can also be upsold by offering varying amounts of cheese or with the addition of cured meats.


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