Gay Lea Foods pledges $20,000 to goat advocacy in Ontario.

Guelph, ON, May 13, 2015 – Ontario Goat (OG) and Gay Lea Foods are pleased to announce that Gay Lea Foods has committed $20,000 in funding to further support OG’s advocacy and educational role in the province. This announcement was made at OG’s Annual General Meeting.

In the fall of 2014, Gay Lea Foods finalized the purchase of Hewitt’s Dairy, a main broker of goat milk in Ontario. Ove Hansen, Corporate Secretary and Director of Member Relations, stated that he “is excited about working closely with goat producers and learning about their challenges and opportunities.” Hansen added that, “Gay Lea Foods recognizes the importance of Ontario Goat and the need for a strong producer organization who will advocate on behalf of all goat producers.”

“This additional funding will help Ontario Goat continue to expand our advocacy and educational role within Ontario’s growing goat industry, while at the same time, contribute towards the stability of the organization’s foundation,” stated Jennifer Haley, OG Executive Director.

Since January 2014, Ontario Goat has collaborated with both goat milk brokers to collect a voluntary check-off of 0.5 cents/litre of goat milk sold. Independent producers are also contributing funds based on the same formula. Goat meat producers and non-licensed dairy breeders continue to pay an annual OG membership fee.

“It is encouraging to see the industry evolve and come together over the past few years” stated Haley. “There have been some key issues and important projects that have happened as a result of Ontario’s goat producers being focused on some common goals,” she added.

About Ontario Goat

Ontario Goat is dedicated to enhancing the goat industry through education, collaboration, innovation and strategic alliances. OG continues to focus on sustainable growth, industry development and profitability to allow all sectors of the Ontario goat industry to reach their full potential. For more information about OG visit

About Gay Lea Foods

Gay Lea Foods began as a dairy processing co-operative in 1958. Their main goals have always focused on serving members by providing value in areas such as processing milk into value-added products; promoting and marketing the Gay Lea Foods brand; training; supporting other co-operative organizations; and acting as an advocate for members in the dairy industry locally, provincially, and nationally.

For more information please contact:

Jennifer Haley, Executive Director of Ontario Goat

Ove Hansen, Director of Member Relations
and Corporate Secretary, Gay Lea Foods

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